Adam Katz Sinding At Work…Bloomsbury Square, London

Posted in At Work by Anne Bernecker on 27 June, 2014

IMG_4754 Adam and Anabelle s

IMG_4755 Adam Katz Sinding and Annabelle s

Nice to watch Adam Katz Sinding at work.


At Work…Petherton Road, London

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 21 May, 2014

IMG_3577 James portraits

IMG_3571 James Nunn s

IMG_3578 Brown broguess

James Nunn who works at Primeur.

At Work…Petherton Road, London

Posted in At Work by Anne Bernecker on 21 May, 2014

IMG_3529 Max Putman s

Max Putman handling the guest list at the soft launch of  Primeur.

Primeur at Barnes Motors…Petherton Road, London

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 19 May, 2014

IMG_3509 Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim 2sss

IMG_3499 David Gingell ss

IMG_3491 Barnes Motors

Here Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell at the soft launch of their restaurant Primeur in Canonbury. A wonderful place full of charm and charisma in the disused Barnes Motors in the middle of leafy and beautiful Petherton Green. I had such a lovely and very relaxed time with yummy food and wine and I am looking forward to lots more fabulous evenings at this special place. Have a look at their website, address and opening times on here.

At Work at J.Glinert…Wilton Way, London

Posted in At Work, Men, Shop by Anne Bernecker on 16 April, 2014

IMG_2791 Tom Budding portraits 3

IMG_2776 Tom Budding 2s

IMG_2801 J.Glinert

IMG_2803 J.Glinert

IMG_2809 J.Glinert

IMG_2808 J.Glinert

IMG_2811 J.Glinert

IMG_2815 J.Glinert

Here Tom Budding, owner, proprietor and merchant of J.Glinert on Wilton Way. A lovely shop supplying everyday objects for the home, stationary, books about Hackney’s History, Art books and magazines. Check out J.Glinerts website and wares here.


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Vintage Denim…Spitalfields Market, London

Posted in At Work, Denim, Men, Vintage by Anne Bernecker on 13 April, 2014

IMG_2735 Taka portraits

IMG_2730 Taka sss

IMG_2721 Taka's makeshift leather boots

Here Taka who works at a great vintage stall on Spitalfields Market on Thursdays. Here you can find vintage french fishermen trousers, Vintage denim workwear jackets, linen smock dresses and much more special vintage garments which are lovingly restored. Everyday garments full of heritage, tradition, charisma and love.


Open Circle Lab…Tempelhof, Berlin

Posted in At Work, Event, Leather by Anne Bernecker on 31 January, 2014


IMG_0429 Panos and Makis

IMG_0416 Makis s

IMG_0502 Mark




IMG_0453 Vintage leather bagss

IMG_0572 Mikkel s

IMG_0410 Alice


IMG_0655 Makis and Panos

IMG_0657 Anke and Marli s

IMG_0625 Mark and Panos s

IMG_0638 Panos ss

Here some impressions of the ECCO Leather Open Circle Lab at the L.O.C.K area at the Bread&Butter. Originally a trade show to present new casual driven collections, the Open Circle Lab went for a collaborative approach and invited various international creatives to work together with leather technicians and leather designers. A hands on workshop environment where its all about uniting, creating and collaborating to push the boundaries of modern tanning.

Leather Heaven…Tempelhof, Berlin

Posted in At Work, Leather, Women by Anne Bernecker on 30 January, 2014

IMG_0675 Anke 2ss

Here Leather Designer Anke Louwers, at the ECCO Leather ‘Open Circle Lab’ during the Bread&Butter trade show, in a layered look of crisp White shirt, a leather apron and an elongated army vest. All finished off by a self-made leather bag and some cool The Last Conspiracy boots.

At Work…Tønder, Denmark

Posted in Accessories, At Work, Women by Anne Bernecker on 10 January, 2014

IMG_9665 Mette Elisabeth portrait

IMG_9650 Mette Elisabeth 2s

IMG_9672 Mette Elisabeth

IMG_9664 Mette Elisabeth detail

IMG_9663 ECCO trainers 2

Here Mette Elisabeth, who is a designer at ECCO in Denmark, in a b.young pleated shirt, shiny leggings, bird necklace and some ECCO trainers. Cute mix of natural versus shine and Black&White versus colour, done the Scandinavian way.

At Work…Redchurch Street, London

Posted in At Work by Anne Bernecker on 23 December, 2013

IMG_9337 Simon s

IMG_9330 Simon 2ss

IMG_9340 Labour and Wait s

IMG_9342 Labour and Wait

IMG_9348 Labour and Wait

IMG_9354 Labour and Wait

IMG_9363 Labour and Wait

Here Simon Watkins the owner of the wonderful Labour and Wait shop on Redchurch Street, selling timeless and honest design from hardware, kitchen utensils to clothing.


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