London Fashion Week Day 1…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 13 September, 2014

IMG_9055 Peppa portraits

IMG_9053 Peppa s

IMG_9065 Ripped denim s

IMG_9066 Coral high heels s

The sun was out at London Fashion Weeks first day and Peppa just dressed perfect for it. A bright cropped top, ripped stone wash jeans, bright heels and a thin wool coat, just in case…..

Tarnished Denim…Bloomsbury Square, London

Posted in Denim, Men by Anne Bernecker on 3 July, 2014

IMG_4772 Blake portrait 2s

IMG_4764 Blake ss

Blake from Canada.


ECCO Leather Hotshop007 Day 1…Amsterdam

Posted in Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 13 June, 2014

IMG_3973 Lizette portraits

IMG_3959 Lizette s

IMG_3978 Ugg's chainmail bag s

IMG_3976 Grey and Neon Pink Nike's

Here the lovely Lizette from California during day 1 of the ECCO Leather hotshop007 in Amsterdam.


Checked…Farmiloe Building, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 28 May, 2014

IMG_3757 Ruth 2s

IMG_3771 canvas backpack 2s

Ruth in front of the tiled wall at the Farmiloe building during the Clerkenwell Design Week.

Denim Trench…Albemarle Street, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 May, 2014

IMG_3444 Jil portrait

IMG_3442 Jil 2s

IMG_3448 Vintage denim trench

IMG_3453 Ponyskin bag

IMG_3449 multi coulered shoess


The Stylist…Petherton Road, London

Posted in Denim, Jersey, Women by Anne Bernecker on 23 May, 2014

IMG_3589 Annette portrait

IMG_3584 Annette 3ss

Here the lovely Annette Masterman, Still Life Stylist and partner of Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim, in a Felder Felder jersey dress, Chanel belt, Levi’s denim jacket and a Sophie Hulme clutch.

Best Friends…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 2 May, 2014

IMG_1426 Carmen and Asta portraits

IMG_1419 Carmen and Asta s

IMG_1423 Camera, bag and ripped denim s

IMG_1431 White platform sandals and trainers s

Carmen and Asta both in denim, jumpsuits and white platform shoes.

Vintage Denim…Spitalfields Market, London

Posted in At Work, Denim, Men, Vintage by Anne Bernecker on 13 April, 2014

IMG_2735 Taka portraits

IMG_2730 Taka sss

IMG_2721 Taka's makeshift leather boots

Here Taka who works at a great vintage stall on Spitalfields Market on Thursdays. Here you can find vintage french fishermen trousers, Vintage denim workwear jackets, linen smock dresses and much more special vintage garments which are lovingly restored. Everyday garments full of heritage, tradition, charisma and love.


Monochrome Match…Columbia Road, London

Posted in Couple, Denim by Anne Bernecker on 5 April, 2014

IMG_2660 Ludovico and Cate portrait 2s

IMG_2651 Ludovico and Cate Underwood s

IMG_2667 Studded buckle bootss

Here Ludovico and the gorgeous Cate Underwood in a matching monochrome look.

I already met Cate 2 years ago during London Fashion Week and here is the other post about her.


Parka Chic…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Denim, Military, Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 March, 2014

IMG_1887 Yasmin Sewell 2s

Yasmin Sewell.

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