Vintage Denim…Spitalfields Market, London

Posted in At Work, Denim, Men, Vintage by Anne Bernecker on 13 April, 2014

IMG_2735 Taka portraits

IMG_2730 Taka sss

IMG_2721 Taka's makeshift leather boots

Here Taka who works at a great vintage stall on Spitalfields Market on Thursdays. Here you can find vintage french fishermen trousers, Vintage denim workwear jackets, linen smock dresses and much more special vintage garments which are lovingly restored. Everyday garments full of heritage, tradition, charisma and love.


Monochrome Match…Columbia Road, London

Posted in Couple, Denim by Anne Bernecker on 5 April, 2014

IMG_2660 Ludovico and Cate portrait 2s

IMG_2651 Ludovico and Cate Underwood s

IMG_2667 Studded buckle bootss

Here Ludovico and the gorgeous Cate Underwood in a matching monochrome look.

I already met Cate 2 years ago during London Fashion Week and here is the other post about her.


Parka Chic…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Denim, Military, Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 March, 2014

IMG_1887 Yasmin Sewell 2s

Yasmin Sewell.

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Blue Angel…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 February, 2014

IMG_1784 Olga portrait new 2s

IMG_1775 Olga Karput 2s

IMG_1786 Marques Almeida bags

Here Olga Karput from The Vanderlust in a frayed denim top with intricate cut out detailing, oversized casual chic silk trousers and a city hunter and gatherer multicoloured snakeskin bag, all by Marques’Almeida.

Marques Almeida…Tate Modern, London Fashion Week

Posted in Denim, Event by Anne Bernecker on 20 February, 2014

IMG_1629 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1633 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1642 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1649 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1662 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1671 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1674 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1676 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1679 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1683 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1691 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1693 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1695 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1701 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1703 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1710 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1712 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1718 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1724 Marques Almeida AW14

Marta and Paulo, the duo behind Marques Almeida, have struck again!

From season to season the masters of frayed denim have consistently added new materials to their repertoire. This season they bring panne velvet back to life and the frayed concept has expanded into knitwear and fluffy feathers. Vibrant Yellow suits and sheepskin; a frayed, shiny denim suit with a casual Orange sheepskin throw and bright Red and Orange Satin suits. The masters of denim, just grew into masters of colours, textures and sheepskin with an inspired and directional collection. Congratulations Marta and Paulo!!!

Double Denim…Gallery Judin, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Men by Anne Bernecker on 27 January, 2014

IMG_9942 Sascha portraits

IMG_9940 Sascha 2s

IMG_9949 Property Of backpack

IMG_9947 Raf Simons for Adidas s

Here Sascha Pietsch, who writes for the brilliant HORSTSON blog, in a bleached Wrangler Blue Bell denim jacket, Edwin Sen jeans, a Lacoste jumper and Dior shawl. All accessorised with a canvas Property Of backpack and Raf Simons for Adidas trainers adding some tech colour.

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Denim Sparkle…Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 5 July, 2013

IMG_2886 Jutta portrait 2

IMG_2881 Jutta Ohmss

IMG_2890 Bree metallic clutchs

Here Jutta Ohms in a long and elegant denim dress accessorised with a sparkling necklace, cool jewelled bracelet and the metallic leather Bree bag. It’s always a good look to take a piece of clothing out of context and styling it into another level!

The Hatmaker…Kingly Street, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 30 May, 2013

IMG_9866 Ulyana portraits

IMG_9854 Ulyanass 3

IMG_9872 Ulyana's Chanel bags

Here Russian hatmaker Ulyana, in one of her own BORISMAMA hat designs, inspired by Boris her dog…and yes his Mama…:)

Son of Kreuzberg…Oranienstraße, Berlin

Posted in Denim, Men by Anne Bernecker on 3 May, 2013

IMG_9996 Erdal

IMG_9992 Erdalss

IMG_9999 Erdal details

IMG_0002 Sons of Kreuzberg contrast


Blue Tonal Layering…Spitalfields Market, London

Posted in Denim, Men by Anne Bernecker on 24 April, 2013

IMG_9781 Himmy portraits

IMG_9769 Himmy

IMG_9779 Himmy details

IMG_9777 Himmy Dr Martens



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