Karen Women’s Organisation Day…Mae Sariang, Thailand

Posted in Event, Feature, Women by Anne Bernecker on 7 April, 2014

Karen Women's Organisation 2s

Karen Women's Organisation 3s

Karen Women's Organisation 6s

Karen Women's Organisation 11s

Karen Women's Organisation 5s

Karen Women's Organisation 7s

Karen Women's Organisation 12s

Firstly a big thank you to my friend Rachel King, who is currently in northern Thailand working with the Karen Women’s Organisation. She took these beautiful photos on the yearly KWO day celebrating their culture and heritage. The theme of this year was the traditional clothing of Karen women. They are gathering knowledge about all the various styles of clothes as there are many different groups within the Karen ethnic group and the styles of clothing change. They organised a competition on the day and each woman had to explain where her clothes were from and the meaning of the different colours, patterns, etc. even the seeds sown onto the cloth and the strings hanging from the cloth have meaning to the Karen.

The Karen people are one of Burma’s major ethnic groups, living mostly in the mountainous eastern border region and central delta area. For over 60 years the Karen people of Burma have been resisting political, economic and cultural suppression and human rights abuses by the Burmese military regime. Since the 1970s the Karen people have fled across Burma’s many borders to escape the persecution. The KWO is a community based organisation active in all seven Karen refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border and in Karen districts within Burma working for women’s equality, empowerment and freedom, whilst supporting the Karen community to maintain its culture and identity.

If you are interested to find out more, please have a look on their website here.


‘Berlin Fashion’ Book Release Party…Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 17 March, 2014

IMG_2481 Anton s


IMG_2488 Vladimir Karaleev and Kerstin Geffert 2ss

IMG_2495 2ss

IMG_2494 2ss

IMG_2500 Vladimir Karaleev

IMG_2516 Franzi Mueller 3s

IMG_2519 Anna Katharina Hegemann 2s

IMG_2542 Hoai and Lea 2s

Berlin has finally its own fashion guide book, featuring labels, lifestyle, looks and the people behind it. For Saturdays launch party at Lehrter Siebzehn the single pages of the book were pinned to the wall and it was fun spotting the featured person just right in front of it.

Everyone was there: The gorgeous and charming Franzi Mueller, Malaika Raiss, Vladimir Karaleev who was DJing, Kerstin Geffert from Silk Relations, Michael Sontag, Florian Müller from Müller PR & Consulting, Dandy Diary, Anton of Alexx and Anton and of course Julia Stelzner the author of the book published by Prestel.

Marques Almeida…Tate Modern, London Fashion Week

Posted in Denim, Event by Anne Bernecker on 20 February, 2014

IMG_1629 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1633 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1642 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1649 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1662 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1671 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1674 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1676 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1679 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1683 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1691 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1693 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1695 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1701 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1703 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1710 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1712 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1718 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1724 Marques Almeida AW14

Marta and Paulo, the duo behind Marques Almeida, have struck again!

From season to season the masters of frayed denim have consistently added new materials to their repertoire. This season they bring panne velvet back to life and the frayed concept has expanded into knitwear and fluffy feathers. Vibrant Yellow suits and sheepskin; a frayed, shiny denim suit with a casual Orange sheepskin throw and bright Red and Orange Satin suits. The masters of denim, just grew into masters of colours, textures and sheepskin with an inspired and directional collection. Congratulations Marta and Paulo!!!

Markus Lupfer Presentation…Mercer Street, London

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 16 February, 2014






IMG_1553 3s


IMG_1469 Markus Lupfer and Myleene Klass s

Markus Lupfer presented his AW14 collection in a ‘Markus Cafe’ set design. A meeting point for the young, cute and gorgeous teenage girls who enjoy dressing up and meeting up. The guest were tucking into Gin and Tonic and chips and even Markus and Myleene Klass had a nibble. Well done Markus!

The Hatmaker…Tempelhof, Berlin

Posted in Event, Men by Anne Bernecker on 1 February, 2014

IMG_0608 Matteo Gioli 2ss

IMG_0536 Leather hat

IMG_0539 Matteo Gioli

IMG_0555 Matteo Gioli

IMG_0614 Matteo Gioli s

Here Matteo Gioli from Super Duper Hats, making a handmade leather hat at the ECCO Leather Open Circle Lab during Bread & Butter.

Open Circle Lab…Tempelhof, Berlin

Posted in At Work, Event by Anne Bernecker on 31 January, 2014


IMG_0429 Panos and Makis

IMG_0416 Makis s

IMG_0502 Mark




IMG_0453 Vintage leather bagss

IMG_0572 Mikkel s

IMG_0410 Alice


IMG_0655 Makis and Panos

IMG_0657 Anke and Marli s

IMG_0625 Mark and Panos s

IMG_0638 Panos ss

Here some impressions of the ECCO Leather Open Circle Lab at the L.O.C.K area at the Bread&Butter. Originally a trade show to present new casual driven collections, the Open Circle Lab went for a collaborative approach and invited various international creatives to work together with leather technicians and leather designers. A hands on workshop environment where its all about uniting, creating and collaborating to push the boundaries of modern tanning.

Anne Gorke…Brandenburger Tor, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 23 January, 2014

IMG_0873 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0875 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0883 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0887 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0890 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0894 Anne Gorke AW14s

IMG_0899 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0901 Anne Gorke AW14s

IMG_0903 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0908 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0911 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0922 Anne Gorke AW14

IMG_0917 Anne Gorke AW14 2

During Berlin Fashion week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely, fun and bubbly Anne Gorke and also seeing her new collection. Being based in Weimar Anne is inspired by Bauhaus design, graphic and linear lines of concrete Grey softened by a lovely pale Pink, yet infused with upbeat 90′s Hip Hop from the speakers, customised Nike trainers and a general fresh and jung beat to The Notorious B.I.G Hypnotize. For the finale a ballon parade and even a dancing Anne on the catwalk. Congratulations Anne Gorke!

Vladimir Karaleev…Brandenburger Tor, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 19 January, 2014

IMG_0683 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0689 Vladimir Karaleev AW14


IMG_0701 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0704 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0708 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0710 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0722 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0724 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0734 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0746 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0747 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0759 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0765 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0766 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0777 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0779 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0797 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0800 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0806 Vladimir Karaleev AW14s

IMG_0813 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

IMG_0827 Vladimir Karaleev AW14

I don’t think I ever posted so many looks from one show, but Vladimir Karaleev’s AW14/15 collection is by far the best I have seen in a long while. Not often do we see a collection so beautifully balanced between constructed minimalism and feminine drapery. A lush feast of gorgeous soft wools, constructed yet super soft drapes and an array of beautiful colours and tonal combinations inspiring all senses. Yes I would love to wear it all!

Augustin Teboul…Gallery Judin, Berlin

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IMG_0108 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0099 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0106 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0129 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0159 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0069 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0166 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0168 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0170 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

IMG_0195 Augustin Teboul AW14 2

A Nude and Black ode to attention to detail and craftsmenship!

Kilian Kerner…Brandenburger Tor, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 16 January, 2014

IMG_0316 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0313 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0319 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0333 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0336 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0339 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0353 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0362 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0383 Kilian Kerner AW14s

IMG_0381 Kilian Kerner AW14

IMG_0309 Kilian Kerner Band s

Kilian Kerner’s AW14/15 show ‘When You Know Your Little Prince’ was a dreamy affair in lush shades of Pinks, Burgundy’s and Golden shades. Lustre brocades, cloques and a play with texture, print and embroidery transforming us into a fairytale, while the brilliant German Band Rakede and their live music set made sure we stay in the here and now.


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