Shirt – Dress…Somerset House, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 8 October, 2014

IMG_9470 Kat portraits

IMG_9464 Kat s

IMG_9474 Kat 2s


Printed Matter…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Print and Pattern, Women by Anne Bernecker on 6 October, 2014

IMG_9454 Natalia portrait 2s

IMG_9450 Natalia s

IMG_9459 Beattles Apple bag

IMG_9457 Glitter sneakers

Here Natalia M from the Ukraine, who runs the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, in Anna K.

Anna K…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Print and Pattern, Women by Anne Bernecker on 4 October, 2014

IMG_9442 Anna K portraits

IMG_9434 Anna K s

IMG_9440 Pink Kenzo 'Kalifornia' shoulder bag

IMG_9437 embellished Christian Dior slip on trainers

Here Ukrainian Fashion Designer Anna K. in one of her own designs, a Pink Kenzo ‘Kalifornia’ shoulder bag and some embellished Christian Dior slip on trainers.

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Autumn Sun…Somerset House, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 2 October, 2014

IMG_9530 Alice 3s

Here Alice in the autumn sun at Somerset House.

Have a look at the photo I took of her during London Collections Men here.


The Markus Lupfer Family…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Children, Couple by Anne Bernecker on 30 September, 2014

IMG_9565 Walnut and Hans s

IMG_9568 Kate and Otto 2s

IMG_9545 Kate, Otto, Hans and Walnut s

Here Kate and Johannes with their gorgeous children Walnut and Otto, all dressed in Markus Lupfer. What a beautiful family <3

If Walnut looks familiar, here another photograph of her.


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Beauty…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 September, 2014

IMG_9688 Marta portraits

IMG_9684 Marta s


That Monochrome Thing…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 September, 2014

IMG_9651 Rose s


Marques Almeida SS15…Grays Inn Road, London

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 23 September, 2014

IMG_9935 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9940 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9945 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9949 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9950 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9953 Marques Almeida SS15 2

IMG_9958 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9959 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9965 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9976 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9999 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9978 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0001 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0013 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0006 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0024 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0026 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0033 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0042 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0044 Marques Almeida SS15

Inspired by the dark, difficult poetry of PJ Harvey’s music, Spring Summer 15 is taking us through a journey of contemplation and transformation, as feelings of anxiety to euphoria are channeled into experimentation in shape in colour. The dark and sinister Black, the light denim Blue uses a meditative calmness while the bright and bold chiffon break it up light heartedly.

Congratulations Marta and Paulo to a mesmerising collection!



Maximal Jewellery…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 17 September, 2014

IMG_9073 Kirsty Ward s

IMG_9081 Kirsty Ward necklace

IMG_9086 Kirsty Ward bag s

Here Young British Designer Kirsty Ward wearing a Top from her collection, stunning necklaces and also bag with embellished tassels. Her website is still in progress, but a name to remember!


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Jonathan Saunders SS15…British Museum, London

Posted in Event by Anne Bernecker on 16 September, 2014

IMG_9842 Jonathan Saunders 2

IMG_9843 Jonathan Saunders

IMG_9845 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9848 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9851 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9855 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9862 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9864 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9863 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9873 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9874 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9889 Jonathan Saunders SS15 2

IMG_9894 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9895 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9903 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9913 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9916 Jonathan Saunders SS15

Here some impressions from the mesmerising Jonathan Saunders Spring/Summer 15 show at the British Museum. An impressive show venue to start with, complemented by beautiful classic music by Jean Noel and Chantal Young. The collection a simple, beautiful and feminine affair full of crisp cottons, patent and embellished embroideries and hints of metallic.


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