The Colours of Yemen…Somerset House, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 7 March, 2014

IMG_1182 Deedee portraits

IMG_1169 Deedee s

IMG_1187 Deedee's heels

Here gorgeous Dee Dee in a beautiful hand embroidered dress from Yemen. Lovely to meet you!

Elongated…Somerset House, London

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 6 March, 2014

IMG_1081 Atsuki portrait ss

IMG_1071 Atsuki Takahashi ss

IMG_1079 Atsuki detailss

Here Designer Atsuki Takahashi from Japan playing with proportions, volume and layers.

Passing By…The Strand, London

Posted in Accessories, Model, Women by Anne Bernecker on 4 March, 2014

IMG_1438 Sissi Hou portrait

IMG_1433 Sissi Hou

IMG_1445 Sissi details

IMG_1452 Golden cowboy boots

Model Sissi Hou, a London double-decker bus and a pair of Golden boots to walk the world in.

Blue…Covent Garden, London

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 2 March, 2014

IMG_1460 James portrait 2

IMG_1458 James ss


Blue Angel…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 February, 2014

IMG_1784 Olga portrait new 2s

IMG_1775 Olga Karput 2s

IMG_1786 Marques Almeida bags

Here Olga Karput from The Vanderlust in a frayed denim top with intricate cut out detailing, oversized casual chic silk trousers and a city hunter and gatherer multicoloured snakeskin bag, all by Marques’Almeida.

Constructivist Checks…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 February, 2014

IMG_1756 Kate Foley portraits 2

IMG_1752 Kate Foley 2

IMG_1755 Kate's Fendi bag s

Kate Foley Stylist and Creative Consultant.

The Sartorialist…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 24 February, 2014

IMG_1901 Scott Schuman s

Scott Schuman the Master of street style photography.

Out and About…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 22 February, 2014


There are quite a lot of things to like about her outfit: the coat, its perfect length, the soft colour combinations of the Beige with the light concrete Grey, the Pink sweatshirt complementing the coat and then the salmon Pink clutch adding a hint of Brights.

The Couple…Tate Modern, London Fashion Week

Posted in Accessories, Couple by Anne Bernecker on 21 February, 2014

IMG_1868 Duffy and Lucy Chadwick s

Here Duffy, hair stylist and newly appointed Global Ambassador for Vidal Sasson, and his girlfriend Lucy Chadwick, Gallery Director at Gavin Brown’s NY, after the Marques Almeida show, for which Duffy created the hair.

Marques Almeida…Tate Modern, London Fashion Week

Posted in Denim, Event by Anne Bernecker on 20 February, 2014

IMG_1629 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1633 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1642 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1649 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1662 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1671 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1674 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1676 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1679 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1683 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1691 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1693 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1695 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1701 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1703 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1710 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1712 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1718 Marques Almeida AW14 IMG_1724 Marques Almeida AW14

Marta and Paulo, the duo behind Marques Almeida, have struck again!

From season to season the masters of frayed denim have consistently added new materials to their repertoire. This season they bring panne velvet back to life and the frayed concept has expanded into knitwear and fluffy feathers. Vibrant Yellow suits and sheepskin; a frayed, shiny denim suit with a casual Orange sheepskin throw and bright Red and Orange Satin suits. The masters of denim, just grew into masters of colours, textures and sheepskin with an inspired and directional collection. Congratulations Marta and Paulo!!!


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