“No Soul for Sale” Festival of Independents at Tate Modern…Southbank, London

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 17 May, 2010


You are probably thinking why is he touching and stroking the plants? Well basically the Oregon Painting Society from Portland, USA created these plants which were attached to a synthesiser and you could create different sounds by touching the plants. It was so much fun seeing little and grown up kids play with it!

For its 10th Birthday celebration my favourite museum and place in London Tate Modern organised a festival of Independence called “No Soul for Sale”. Artists collectives, alternative institutions and underground enterprises from all over the world have taken over the Turbine Hall for an inspiring and fun journey. A local Pub, musical plants and houses for sale created an easy and very playful atmosphere which of course also attracted an inspired, curious and stylish crowd. Happy Birthday Tate Modern!

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