Out and About…Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 30 June, 2011

This is the lovely Sam Lambert who is a designer at Ozwald Boateng. He is one of the fab creative people taking part at our ECCO Leather hotshop in Amsterdam, where we design new concepts and make leathers. So much fun and can’t wait to see all the new developments!

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At Work…Santa Croce, Florence

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 28 June, 2011

Even the bin men are gorgeous in Florence šŸ˜‰

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Florence My Love…Florence, Italy

Posted in Architecture, Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 26 June, 2011

This is my visual ode to Florence, which really has got to be one of the most beautiful cities. Where ever you wander around in this amazing Renaissance city is some little or bigger detail to discover. I had a lovely and inspiring day just getting drifted always with my camera at hand. Hope I could capture some of Florence beauty for you!

The Wedding Guest…Giardino Corsini, Florence

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 June, 2011

The charming Jennifer Lyu in a fab Nude and Salmon Louis Vuitton Dress.

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The Wedding Guests…Giardino Corsini, Florence

Posted in Couple by Anne Bernecker on 24 June, 2011

The radiant and also newly wed Kelly Townsend with her husband Zed Tooke.

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The Wedding Guest in Dots…Giardino Corsini, Florence

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 23 June, 2011

img_4832s Mathilde

The gorgeous Mathilde.


The Wedding Guests in Stripes…Giardino Corsini, Florence

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 23 June, 2011

The fabolousĀ Catherine Day in fab stripes and hat.

Susie Lloyd in a vintage striped dress. Very cute!

The Wedding Guests…Giardino Corsini, Florence

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 22 June, 2011

The gorgeousĀ Ioana Craciun de Vilmorin in a Dress she designed and made herself. Check out her made to measure company ICC Paris.

The Wedding…Giardino Corsini, Florence

Posted in Couple, Men, Women by Anne Bernecker on 21 June, 2011

On Saturday I had the enormous pleasure to be invited to the magical fairy-tale wedding of Kirsten Synge Kongsli and Johan Christian Kongsli in the stunning Giardino Corsini in Florence. Kirsten did look like a Renaissance goddess in her beautiful hand embroidered Pucci wedding dress designed by Peter Dundas; while Johan Christian is just the pure Gentleman in his well cut tailcoat.

Here the radiant bride Kirsten with Peter Dundas the Artistic Director of Pucci who did design Kristen’s wedding Dress. Intricate flowers, a band with Norfolk written into it and even a plate with the wedding date were all part of the hand embroidered design. Well after all Kirsten is an amazingly talented Embroidery designer at Pucci.

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Out and About…Santo Spirito, Florence

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 20 June, 2011

Ioana Craciun de Vilmorin.


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