Temperley Shop Opening…Bruton Street, London

Posted in Event, Impressions, Men, Women by Anne Bernecker on 8 December, 2012

Alice Temperley

Martha Ward portrait

Temperley detail

Temperley Bridal detail

Marina Shlosberg

Milly Simmonds and Erin Fees

Nicholas Larsen and Lars von Bennigsen

Temperley shop detail

Jaquetta Wheeler

Charlotte Dellals

Temperley Mirror detail

Chris and Ulli von Bennigsen

Mourad Mazouz and Cleos

This thursday I went to Alice Temperley’s new shop opening on Bruton Street. What an amazing place over two floors to showcase the Temperley, Alice and Bridal collection. Also its was such a treat to see Alice again and all the lovely people I met during my time at Temperley. What a fun evening!


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  1. styledestination said, on 24 December, 2012 at 00:06

    Awww, so wish could have been there too, this looks amazing. Excellent photos!!

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