Evening Sun…Arcola Street, London

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IMG_9983 Adams

Adam the Dude


Modern Explorers…Truman Brewery, London

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IMG_9842 Magnus and Marie portrait croppeds

IMG_9826 Magnus and Mariess

IMG_9839 sneakers his and herss

Here Magnus and Marie from Copenhagen in a perfect explore the city outfit. Casual yet smart, covered up in case it rains, a straw hat and some sunnies in case the sun comes out, two-tonal Beige and darks for understatement and the most important some comfortable trainers. Not only comfortable, but cool, right on trend and mainly adding some fun and excitement. Ready to float through the city in tune style!

Spring Is Here…London

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Blue skies, blossoming trees, the sun is shining and the excitement of whats to come in the heart.

What a wonderful feeling, that spring is finally here!

Blue Tonal Layering…Spitalfields Market, London

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IMG_9781 Himmy portraits

IMG_9769 Himmy

IMG_9779 Himmy details

IMG_9777 Himmy Dr Martens


Blue Layering and Quilting…Spitalfields Market, London

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IMG_9758 Mou poprtrait croppeds

IMG_9750 Mouss

IMG_9762 Acne Studio bagss

IMG_9764 Mou platform shoes

Here Mou in an all Grey and Blue tonal outfit with quilted jacket, long layered sweatshirt and the doll like Satin skirt. And did you notice she is wearing the jacket inside out? Would be a shame too, to hide all this beautiful detailing with the seam binding and 3dimensional pockets.

Impressions…Spitalfields Market, London

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Here some photos and impressions of my favourite place in London to go treasure hunting.

The Swede…Tønder, Denmark

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IMG_9667 Jonass

Jonas from Gothenburg in a cool, casual, smart Black outfit.

At Work…Tønder, Denmark

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IMG_9675 Cecilies

Here Cæcilie Cindie Koldorf who works as Junior Marketing Manager for ECCO Accessories.

At Work…Tønder, Denmark

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IMG_9698 Kaja

IMG_9705 Kaja's vintage army bags

IMG_9691 Kaja's vintage ECCO shoe

Here the lovely Kaja, who works as a Designer for ECCO, just outside the design centre in Tønder. Her casual sport/army inspired look consists of a couple of really good vintage buys, like the Adidas track pants, a German army parka, vintage army canvas bag from T.K Garment Supply and last but not least the cute vintage White ECCO Soft II boot.

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On Top Of Things…Regents Canal, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 12 April, 2013

IMG_9555 Mikaela and Chompsky croppeds

IMG_9561 houseboat

Mikaela and her dog Chompsky enjoying the first spring sun on the top of their houseboat.

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