Impressions at Wat Pho Temple, part 1…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Architecture, Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 12 April, 2015

IMG_9807 Wat Pho reclining Buddha Bangkok s

IMG_9825 Wat Pho reclining buddha Bangkok s

IMG_9839 Wat Pho mother of pearl inlay

IMG_9810 Wat Pho Bangkok

IMG_9859 Wat Pho temple Bangkok 2s

IMG_9869 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9884 Wat Pho Bangkok

IMG_9889 Wat Pho Bangkok s

IMG_9899 Wat Pho Bangkok s

This is the first part of impressions at the absulutely stunning Wat Pho temple, focusing on the interior. I got to say, when I entered the temple of the reclining buddha I was moved to tears, by the sheer amount of beauty, craftsmenship and ettention to detail. A truly spectatcular place of worship.

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