Layers of Blush…One Marylebone, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 28 February, 2016

IMG_9740as Annette

IMG_9747s Annette detail

IMG_9746s Annette detail

IMG_9750as Annette Golden Glitter shoes

My gorgeous friend Annette in a Paul Smith coat and jumper, Marques Almeida pink jeans, Celine Salmon cross-body bag and Golden Glitter shoes.


Marques Almeida AW16…Olympia, London

Posted in Impressions, Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 February, 2016

IMG_0001s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0004s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0010s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0013s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0021s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0027s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0034s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0037s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0040s Marques Almeida AW16

Here just a couple of looks from the fab Marques Almeida show, who casted their friends and normal girls for the show. Marta and Paulo were inspired by different young girls who are starting out their careers, their individuality and different wardrobes and wanted to create a collection reflecting that. A collection about attitude and mood rather then range planning or the question how many jumpers are going to sell.

Congratulations Marta and Paulo for pushing the bounderies, while staying true to yourself!!!

Belstaff AW16 Presentation…One Marylebone, London

Posted in Event, Impressions, Women by Anne Bernecker on 23 February, 2016

IMG_9842s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9829s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9852s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9861s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9864s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9872s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9790s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9768s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9810s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9809s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9778s Belstaff AW16

Here some impressions from the gorgeous ‘Polar Pioneer’ Belstaff AW16 presentation. Edith “Jackie’ Ronne’s great Antarctic expedition of 1947 is the main inspiration for Delphine Ninous, VP of Womens’s Design. Motocross leather pants are combined with fur lined parkas and knitwear, while embroidered jackets add feminine strength.┬áCongratulations Delphine Ninous and the Belstaff team!

Markus Lupfer AW16 Presentation…Horse Guards Avenue, London

Posted in Accessories, Event, Impressions, Women by Anne Bernecker on 22 February, 2016

IMG_9636s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9559s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9468s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9483s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9540as Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9552s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9495s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9512s Markus Lupfer shoes AW16

IMG_9628s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9583s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9452s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9438s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9682s Markus Lupfer AW16

IMG_9428s Markus Lupfer Set AW16

Here some impressions from the gorgeous Markus Lupfer AW16 presentation. A romantic feast of intricate hand embroidered layers, textures and sparkle with jewels of handbags and dream shoes and boots added to the lush mix. Congratulations Markus!!!

Styling by Anders Solvsten Thomsen, Make Up Lucy Burt, Hair by Tina Outen and Music by Stevie Parker.



Perle des Nordens…Alsterarkaden, Hamburg

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 20 February, 2016

IMG_9366s Julia Riess portrait

IMG_9333as Julia Riess

IMG_9348s Julia Riess detail

IMG_9350s Julia Riess portrait

Gorgeous Julia Riess in a complete Acne Studios look.

Hav also a look at this photo of Julia, which was pretty much taken exactly one year ago ;)



On the Go…Klosterstern, Hamburg

Posted in Sheepskin, Women by Anne Bernecker on 18 February, 2016

IMG_9308s Christine

Christine layering a vintage parka with a sheepskin jacket, hand knitted cashmere scarf and fitted jeans.


At the Garage…Eppendorf, Hamburg

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 15 February, 2016

IMG_9253s Sascha

IMG_9261s Sascha's garage

IMG_9262s Sascha's garage

IMG_9271s Sascha's garage

Sascha in a classic blueman, working on one of his vintage scooters in his garage.

Spring Greetings…Columbia Road, London

Posted in Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 13 February, 2016

IMG_9103s Sam

IMG_9110s Spring Flowers

IMG_9115s Converse All Star


Empty Lot…Tate Modern, London

Posted in Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 11 February, 2016

IMG_9234s Abraham Cruzvillegas Empty Lot at Tate Modern

IMG_9232s Abraham Cruzvillegas Empty Lot at Tate Modern

Quick stop over at Tate Modern and the new Hyundai Commission 2015 by Abraham Cruzvillegas “Empty Lot”. There is just something about raw nature within big imposing architecture.

Black Layers…Ada Street, London

Posted in At Work, Leather, Women by Anne Bernecker on 8 February, 2016

IMG_9218as Rosa portrait

IMG_9203s Rosa

IMG_9227s Rosa detail

Rosa, who works at vintage store Strut on Broadway Market, layering a vintage oversized leather biker jacket with knit, a shirt dress and frayed Black jeans.


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