Belstaff AW16 Presentation…One Marylebone, London

Posted in Event, Impressions, Women by Anne Bernecker on 23 February, 2016

IMG_9842s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9829s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9852s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9861s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9864s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9872s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9790s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9768s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9810s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9809s Belstaff AW16

IMG_9778s Belstaff AW16

Here some impressions from the gorgeous ‘Polar Pioneer’ Belstaff AW16 presentation. Edith “Jackie’ Ronne’s great Antarctic expedition of 1947 is the main inspiration for Delphine Ninous, VP of Womens’s Design. Motocross leather pants are combined with fur lined parkas and knitwear, while embroidered jackets add feminine strength. Congratulations Delphine Ninous and the Belstaff team!

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