Marques Almeida AW16…Olympia, London

Posted in Impressions, Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 February, 2016

IMG_0001s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0004s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0010s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0013s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0021s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0027s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0034s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0037s Marques Almeida AW16

IMG_0040s Marques Almeida AW16

Here just a couple of looks from the fab Marques Almeida show, who casted their friends and normal girls for the show. Marta and Paulo were inspired by different young girls who are starting out their careers, their individuality and different wardrobes and wanted to create a collection reflecting that. A collection about attitude and mood rather then range planning or the question how many jumpers are going to sell.

Congratulations Marta and Paulo for pushing the bounderies, while staying true to yourself!!!


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