Bangkok City Life…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 27 March, 2019

Oh Bangkok you crazy city, full of energy, heat and contrast. Its just mesmerising to drift through you and get surprised around every corner. Here just a couple of photographs trying to capture the spirit. More to follow…

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The Currier…Rama I Road, Bangkok

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 23 March, 2019

Here a motorbike currier having a quick break, who I met on the super busy Rama I Road near Siam.

City Gardener…Langsuan Lumphini, Bangkok

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 20 March, 2019

Here a Bangkok city gardener and his colleague, who I met while he was cutting the hedges.

Roadside Tailor…Langsuan Lumphini, Bangkok

Posted in At Work, Women by Anne Bernecker on 18 March, 2019

Here Ooy, who had her beautiful singer sewing machine table just set up on the pavement on a busy road. She was there every day repairing different garments for people.

Should have taken another picture of the whole setting.

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Colour Pops……Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 14 March, 2019

Artist Justus Jager, who I met at the Christine Hill exhibition opening.

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Opening of “Attention Economy” by Christine Hill…Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig

Posted in Art, Event by Anne Bernecker on 12 March, 2019

Here are some impressions of Berlin-based artist Christine Hill’s recent opening of her show
“Attention Economy” at the Galerie EIGEN + ART in Leipzig.  A self-proclaimed “stationery fetishist”,
Christine uses the event of her eighth solo exhibition with the gallery to consider the thinking structure of the artist, in a series of 26 drawings that are presented day by day. She also explores some Zeitgeist-like themes such as social media jargon, organizational trends, and indeed, our attention economy.

Have a look here, to find out more.

After March…Linienstraße, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Vintage, Women by Anne Bernecker on 4 March, 2019

Here April in a shirt and jacket from her sustainable up-cycle collection After March (as in before April), which is also sold via the wearness; accessorised with a Bless necklaces and Gucci loafers.

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