Bobby Kolade SS16…Sophienstraße, Berlin

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IMG_3126 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3141 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3166 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3201 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3231 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3251 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3273 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3342 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3351 Bobby Kolade SS16 s

IMG_3402 Bobby Kolade SS16 s


Here some impressions from the fabulous, lighthearted and fun Bobby Kolade SS16 collection, which he showed at the Sophiensaele during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Bobby took inspiration from Dance and Theatre and mixed textures, shapes and colours to entertain and to celebrate creativity and spontaneity. And yes Boy did we have fun watching it. Congratulations Bobby!


“Jade Garden” William Fan SS16…Auguststrasse, Berlin

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 9 July, 2015

IMG_2670 William Fan s

IMG_2661 William Fan s

IMG_2685 William Fan s

IMG_2689 William Fan s

IMG_2695 William Fan s

IMG_2735 William Fan s

IMG_2741 William Fan s

IMG_2759 William Fan s

IMG_2807 William Fan s

IMG_2830 William Fan s

IMG_2836 William Fan s

IMG_2868 William Fan s

Here some impressions from the “Jade Garden” Spring Summer 2016 collection by William Fan, which he showed during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the MeCollectors Room.


Tiger Of Sweden SS15…New Oxford Street, London

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Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2328s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2338s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2339s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2402s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2410s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2422s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2429s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2437s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2442s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2450s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2466s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2470s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2478s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2486s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2492s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2495s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2510s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2524s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2529s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2542s Best known for their razor sharp tailoring and super slim proportions, for their Spring Summer 2016 collection the Tiger Of Sweden design team have embraced a more Mediterranean attitude. Slouchy trousers and double breasted jackets, bold striped suits and and the more casual jeans and T-shirts underpin this seasons understated, off-duty aesthetics.

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Marques Almeida AW15…Tate Britain, London

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 3 March, 2015

IMG_8931 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_8956 Marques Almeida AW15 2

IMG_8964 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_8972 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_8973 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_8990 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_8997 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_9000 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_9006 Marques Almeida AW15.

IMG_9012 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_9016 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_9043 Marques Almeida AW15 2

IMG_9046 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_9049 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_9054 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_9058 Marques Almeida AW15

IMG_9067 Marques Almeida AW15

Here some impressions from the fabulous Marques Almeida AW15 show. Its was a gorgeous feast and celebration of colours and textures. The staple frayed denim in summery brights such as Red and particularly the Barbie Pink, are a great addition to the various Indigo shades. Knits in Green, Orange and Purple, metallic leathers in bright Orange and Silver and the mix of the colourful jacquards just made me smile and feeling happy.

Congratulations Marta and Paolo!



The Pursuit Of Freedom…Clerkenwell Green, London

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 26 February, 2015

IMG_8732 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8682 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8773 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8696 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8686 Belstaff AW15 2ss

IMG_8708 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8735 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8776 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8743 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8765 Belstaff AW15s

Here some impressions from the Belstaff AW15/16 presentation ‘The Pursuit Of Freedom’, designed by Delphine Ninous, the new Vice President of Womens Design. A stunning affair of elevating Belstaff key staple pieces such as biker jackets and masculine motor-cross gear into a new, more feminine and luxurious territory. A play of textures, layers of oversize and mini and contrasts of masculine versus feminine are key to this collection, which makes me excited to see more of Belstaff. Congratulations!

Woodland Wonderland…Charlton House Terrace, London

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 23 February, 2015

IMG_8157 Markus Lupfer AW15s

IMG_8181 Markus Lupfer AW15 5s

IMG_8200 Markus Lupfer AW15 3s

IMG_8239 Markus Lupfer AW15s

IMG_8147 Markus Lupfer AW15s

IMG_8167 Markus Lupfer AW15 2s

IMG_8253 Markus Lupfer AW15 2s

IMG_8294 Markus Lupfer AW15s

IMG_8310 Markus Lupfer AW15s

Her some impressions from the stunning Markus Lupfer AW15/16 Woodland Wonderland presentation. Gorgeous floral jacquards, patchwork knits, a floral parka, sunglasses in collaboration with Linda Farrow and a stunning hanging woodland set were just some of the highlights at Markus’ Presentation.


Tiger Of Sweden AW 2015…New Oxford Street, London

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IMG_6477 Tiger Of Sweden AW15

IMG_6481 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6485 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6487 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6491 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6497 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6500 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6509 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6511 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6521 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6523 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6526 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6540 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6551 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

IMG_6554 Tiger Of Sweden AW15s

Imagine Britain in its late 70’s, a dark time where Northern towns were suffering under the collapse of slowly decaying factories, unemployment and a general feeling of flux. Punk music and its angry overtones, yet it was the super-futuristic synth music that really defined the cultural landscape of the time. In 1975 Kraftwerk played their first gig in the UK in Liverpool and not only the music, also their sharply cut clothes did inspire Ronnie Junior McDonald and Christian Lippich for their Tiger Of Sweden AW 2015 Mens collection. Sharp suits, high waisted trousers with tappered and often shortened lengths, plays with grids and checks and hints of colours produced by graphic equalizers taking it all perfectly off balance. All you need to imagine now is a fabulous soundtrack including Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and the Normal and you can literally see the Tiger boys marching down that catwalk.


Steven Meisel at Phillips…Berkeley Square, London

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IMG_6028 Francesca s


Marques Almeida SS15…Grays Inn Road, London

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IMG_9935 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9940 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9945 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9949 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9950 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9953 Marques Almeida SS15 2

IMG_9958 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9959 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9965 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9976 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9999 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_9978 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0001 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0013 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0006 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0024 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0026 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0033 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0042 Marques Almeida SS15

IMG_0044 Marques Almeida SS15

Inspired by the dark, difficult poetry of PJ Harvey’s music, Spring Summer 15 is taking us through a journey of contemplation and transformation, as feelings of anxiety to euphoria are channeled into experimentation in shape in colour. The dark and sinister Black, the light denim Blue uses a meditative calmness while the bright and bold chiffon break it up light heartedly.

Congratulations Marta and Paulo to a mesmerising collection!



Jonathan Saunders SS15…British Museum, London

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IMG_9842 Jonathan Saunders 2

IMG_9843 Jonathan Saunders

IMG_9845 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9848 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9851 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9855 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9862 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9864 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9863 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9873 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9874 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9889 Jonathan Saunders SS15 2

IMG_9894 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9895 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9903 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9913 Jonathan Saunders SS15

IMG_9916 Jonathan Saunders SS15

Here some impressions from the mesmerising Jonathan Saunders Spring/Summer 15 show at the British Museum. An impressive show venue to start with, complemented by beautiful classic music by Jean Noel and Chantal Young. The collection a simple, beautiful and feminine affair full of crisp cottons, patent and embellished embroideries and hints of metallic.

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