Tokyo Impressions Day 1…Tokyo, Japan

Posted in Architecture, Feature, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 8 December, 2019

Here some impressions from my first day in Tokyo, wondering from Shirokane to Ebisu and then then onto Shibuya. Thank you for the great walking tours Ken.

Pure Grace…Shirokane, Tokyo

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 27 November, 2019

Here lovely Osawa San, a 76 year old security guide in Tokyo.

Thank you for letting me take your photo and thank you Ken, for speaking to Osawa San for me!

Hello Tokyo…Daikanyama, Tokyo

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 November, 2019

Here Moka Matsubara, who I met on Daikanyama’s main shopping street, wearing a full vintage look.


Impressions…Vladivostok, Russia

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 20 November, 2019

After Blagovechensk we took the night train to Khabarovsk and then onto Vladivostok. An impressive Russian city on the pacific, where my great-grandfather Adolf Dattan was running the Kunst & Albers department store until the First World War. It was such a fantastic trip, following the footsteps of of our ancestor and to understand more about his life and achievements.

Thank you also for everyone at the Arseniev Museum, for the private tour of the Kunst & Albers exhibition and through the city. It was so inspiring to hear more about Adolf Dattan’s life, to visit the former department store, the Dattan house and former dining hall he built, and to find out that he also used to produce fashion and porcelain for Kunst & Albers.

Thank you for everyone who helped making it an amazing and unforgettable trip!!

Marine Cadet…Svetlanskaya Street, Vladivostok

Posted in Men, Military by Anne Bernecker on 14 October, 2019

Here Alexei, a Marine cadet who goes to the Nakhimov Naval School in Vladivostok.

Check Mate…Svetlanskaya Street, Vladivostok

Posted in Accessories, Men by Anne Bernecker on 9 October, 2019

Maxim and Daniel.

Best Friends…Svetlanskaya Street, Vladivostok

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 3 October, 2019

Anita and Ina, who I met in Vladivostok.

Impressions…Blagovechensk, Russia

Posted in Architecture, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 28 September, 2019

End of September I headed into deepest Russia together with my sister, brother, cousins and family friend and historian Lothar Deeg, to follow the footsteps of our great-grandfather Adolf Dattan and his life in Siberia. He was working at the Kunst & Albers department store in Vladivostok before the First World War, managed to grow the company tremendously and built various dependences around the Amur region.

Here some impressions from our first stop in Blagovechensk, where now the Amur Oblast Museum is housed in the former department store.


On Fire…Niederkirchnerstraße, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Print and Pattern, Vintage, Women by Anne Bernecker on 17 September, 2019

Here, April von Stauffenberg wearing a hand-painted ‘on fire’ shirt and a skirt she fashioned from a dress for her sustainable, high-end collection After March.

Have a look at April’s Instagram here and her website too.

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Double Denim…Brick Lane, London

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 7 September, 2019

Here Spanish model Claudia Martin, who I met on Brick Lane.

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