One Night in Copenhagen…Nyhavn, Copenhagen

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MA Graduates Royal College Of Art…Lancaster Gate, London

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IMG_2125s Hyun Oh

IMG_2130s Hyun Oh

IMG_2123s Hyun Oh

IMG_2133s Hyun Oh

IMG_2134s Angelou Zhu

IMG_2137s Angelou Zhu

IMG_2138s Angelou Zhu

IMG_2141s Angelou Zhu

IMG_2146s Isabella Macleod

IMG_2148s Isabella Macleod

IMG_2150s Isabella Macleod

IMG_2158s Isabella Macleod

Already a while back, but I finally had the time to post these photos of some of the talented Royal College of Art MA Graduates. Here featured Hyun Oh, a Fashion Womenswear Designer specialising in Knitwear; Angelou Zhu a Womenswear designer and his laser cut collection and Isabella Macleod a Fashion Menswear designer. Congratulations and all the Best for your future!

Monochrome Mix…Lee Street, London

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IMG_3223s Emiko Oki

IMG_3238s Emiko Oki

IMG_3228as Emiko Oki

IMG_3226s Emiko Oki

Here Designer Emiko Oki mixing historical references with urban athleisure in a monochrome palette.

Summerwind…Strandstrasse, Juist

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IMG_3444bs Janna

Janna at her and her partners shop Strandpunkt on Juist, a gorgeous little island in the German North Sea. She is wearing a dress by Imperial Italy and a chain from Free Minds Paris.

Apple Tree before the Storm…Dalston, London

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IMG_3161s Urban Apples before the storm @AnneBernecker

Think I am obsessed….tucked between concrete and steel, my self-pollinated apples are growing nicely on my urban balcony.

At SHED London…Lee Street, London

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IMG_3175aas Jade portrait @AnneBernecker

IMG_3179as Jade at SHED London @AnneBernecker

Here photographer Jade at work at SHED London. Have a look at her work here.

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Three Friends…Regents Canal, London

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IMG_2915s Three friends @AnneBernecker

Friends chilling at Regents Canal.

Casual Layers…Henrietta Street, London

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IMG_1935s Nicholas

IMG_1928s Nicholas


Hanging Out…Henrietta Street, London

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IMG_1907s Nicholas and Friends

Nicholas and his friends.

Vintage Military…Henrietta Street, London

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IMG_1903s Kei Saito portrait

IMG_1897ass Kei Saito

IMG_1877s Stacey and Kei Saito

Kei Sato wearing Nigel Cabourn.

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