At Work…Marktstrasse, Hamburg

Posted in At Work, Denim, Men by Anne Bernecker on 20 April, 2015

IMG_0615 Sascha s

IMG_0630 Sascha details

IMG_0631 Sascha details

Here Sascha, who works at Bluesleeve, a very cool shop on Marktsrasse in Hamburg, selling selected japanese design and craftsmanship. Have a look at it here.


Kathmandu Photo Gallery…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 18 April, 2015

IMG_9970 Kathmandu Photo Gallery s

IMG_9976 Kathmandu Photo Gallery 2

IMG_9974 Kathmandu Photo Gallery

IMG_9977 Kathmandu Photo Gallery s

IMG_9954 Kathmandu Photo Gallery s

IMG_9982 Kathmandu Photo Gallery s

Some impressions from the small, but very cute Kathmandy Photo Gallery in Bangkok. Have a look at it here.

Umbrella Man at Wat Pho…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Accessories, Men by Anne Bernecker on 16 April, 2015

IMG_9932 s

IMG_9940 s

Prem selling handpainted umbrellas infront of the Wat Pho temple.


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Impressions at Wat Pho Temple, part 2…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Architecture, Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 14 April, 2015

IMG_9850 Wat Pho temple Bangkok s

IMG_9851 Wat Pho Bangkok s

IMG_9874 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9925 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9927 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9928 Wat Pho temple

Here just a couple of impressions from the outside of all the temples and its intricate mosaic work.

Impressions at Wat Pho Temple, part 1…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Architecture, Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 12 April, 2015

IMG_9807 Wat Pho reclining Buddha Bangkok s

IMG_9825 Wat Pho reclining buddha Bangkok s

IMG_9839 Wat Pho mother of pearl inlay

IMG_9810 Wat Pho Bangkok

IMG_9859 Wat Pho temple Bangkok 2s

IMG_9869 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9884 Wat Pho Bangkok

IMG_9889 Wat Pho Bangkok s

IMG_9899 Wat Pho Bangkok s

This is the first part of impressions at the absulutely stunning Wat Pho temple, focusing on the interior. I got to say, when I entered the temple of the reclining buddha I was moved to tears, by the sheer amount of beauty, craftsmenship and ettention to detail. A truly spectatcular place of worship.

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Spiritual Drape…Wat Pho, Bangkok

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 7 April, 2015

IMG_9913 Monk at Wat Pho s

IMG_9910 Monch at Wat Pho s

IMG_9912 Monk robe detail s

A monk in its beautifly draped orange robe at the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.


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Paradise Sunrise…Haad Tien, Kho Phangan

Posted in Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 5 April, 2015

IMG_9748 Haad Tien sunrise

IMG_9753 Haad Tien sunrise s

IMG_9755 Haad Tien sunrise

IMG_9758 Haad Tien sunrise s

IMG_9781 Haad Tien sunrise

My last morning on Kho Phangan I got up early to watch the sunrise. And it was such a stunning site and the best way to say ‘good bye’.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. I hope you can spend it at a happy place with your loved ones.

Anne x

Mermaid…Haad Tien, Kho Phangan

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 2 April, 2015

IMG_9733 Marina Lange portraits

IMG_9704 Marina Lange s

IMG_9710  Marina details

Here beautiful Marina from New York, in a casual, cool, tailored shirt and batik sarong beach combo, accented by an handmade bag she got from Chiang Mai.

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Hippie Hipster…Haad Tien, Kho Phangan

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 29 March, 2015

IMG_9673 Kayne s

IMG_9682 Kayne details



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Jungle Impressions…Haad Tien, Kho Phangan

Posted in Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 28 March, 2015

IMG_9368 washing line s

IMG_9379 Buddha at the Sanctuary Thailand s

IMG_9408 Haad Tien palm trees

IMG_9412 Why Nam bay

IMG_9438 Why Nam bay s

IMG_0038 Haad Tien Buddha s

IMG_9428 Why Nam beach s

IMG_9433 Why Nam beach

IMG_9470 Haad Tien

Here some impressions from my walk around Haad Rien and also Why Nam on Kho Phangan.


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