Tate Modern Switch House Opening…Bankside, London

Posted in Architecture, Art by Anne Bernecker on 16 June, 2016

IMG_2168 Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2265s Tate Modern Switch House view

IMG_2264s Tate Modern Switch House view

IMG_2216as Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2231s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2237as Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2250s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2253s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2260s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2272s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2279s Tate Modern Switch House

Ok, I had to cue up for a while to go and see the newly finished Switch House at the Tate Members viewing, but it was well worth the wait. An exceptional building built by Herzog & de Meuron, the buildings literal highlight is the 360 degree viewing platform on the 10th floor. And being a lover of brutalist architecture, the concrete curves and play of light, lines and proportions are a dream. I didn’t have enough time to check out all the new art on display, but for sure will be back soon.

What an amazing addition to London….and all for free.

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Tiger Of Sweden SS17…Marylebone Road, London

Posted in Event, Men by Anne Bernecker on 13 June, 2016

IMG_1986s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_1982s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_1989ss Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_1992s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2007s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2034s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2039s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2051s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2055s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2062s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2075s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2081s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

IMG_2087s Tiger Of Sweden SS17

17th century Baroque decadence and the inspiration of Versailles meets Scandinavian simplicity, creating an interesting play at the SS17 Tiger Of Sweden menswear collection shown at the Ambika P3 Gallery during the London Collections Men. Wild and playful prints and weaves are merged with sharp tailoring, while layered vests add an interesting play with proportions. Congratulations Tiger Of Sweden to a collection full of gorgeous surprises!

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Nigel Cabourn Presentation…Henrietta Street, London

Posted in Denim, Event, Men, Women by Anne Bernecker on 11 June, 2016

IMG_1914s Stacey, Nigel Cabourn and Emily

The dream team…Stacey, Nigel Cabourn and Emily at the Nigel Cabourn presentation.


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Best Friends…Neue Schönhauser Strasse, Berlin

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 6 June, 2016

IMG_1792s Nanja and Nunguja portraits

IMG_1771as Nanja and Nunguja

Nanja and Nunguja.


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Tessa…Münzstrasse, Berlin

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 3 June, 2016

IMG_1756as Tessa portrait

IMG_1750asss Tessa

IMG_1762s Tessa detail

Tessa from Tel Aviv.


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At The Museum…Manchester Square, London

Posted in Art by Anne Bernecker on 27 May, 2016

IMG_1653s Wallace Collection

IMG_1657s Wallace Collection

IMG_1685s Wallace Collection

IMG_1689s Wallace Collection

IMG_1666s Wallace Collection

IMG_1694as Wallace Collection

IMG_1698s Wallace Collection

IMG_6255s Wallace Collection

Such an inspiring afternoon at the Wallace Collection.


Primary Mix…Marylebone High Street, London

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 24 May, 2016

IMG_1607s Ogii

IMG_1616s Red and Blue bag

IMG_1618as Red clogs

Ogii, Maths and Science teacher.

Classic Cool Layers…Salvatorplatz, Munich

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 19 May, 2016

IMG_1465s Alena

IMG_1455s Alena

IMG_1474s Calvin Klein cross-body bag

IMG_1480s cracked leather Stan Smith

Alena in an Acne shawl, Stella McCartney trousers, Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, accessorised with Dior sunglasses and a Calvin Klein cross-body bag.

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Black Star…Opernplatz, Munich

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 16 May, 2016

IMG_1448s Julia

IMG_1436s ECCO SP Crossbody bag

IMG_1433s marbled Nike sneakers

Julia layering a Black jersey dress with a long denim shirt and biker jacket, accessorised with a Pink ECCO crossbody bag and marbled Nike sneakers.

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In The Navy…Regents Canal, London

Posted in Couple, Men, Women by Anne Bernecker on 10 May, 2016

IMG_1394s Benjamin and Anna

IMG_1388ss Benjamin and Anna

Benjamin and Anna.


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