Pink…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Lace, Women by Anne Bernecker on 6 December, 2014

IMG_9505 Kayla La Grange 2s

IMG_9512 Kayla La Grange s

IMG_9522 Red snakeskin clutch s

IMG_9525 red pumps

Here singer songwriter Kayla La Grange in a lace t-shirt, oversized, deep pleated wool trousers and a vintage belt. All fairly subtle, if it wouldn’t be for her pink hair, glowing coral red clutch and pumps.

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Das Neue Schwarz…Mulackstraße, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Men by Anne Bernecker on 4 December, 2014

IMG_5851 Patrick portrait small s

IMG_5848 Patrick 2ss

IMG_5858 Ricardo Tisci Nike high top trainers s

Here Patrick, who works at Das Neue Schwarz which is Berlin’s best edited vintage shop.

Have a look at their blog here.

Happy Mix…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 1 December, 2014

IMG_9752 Franca portraits

IMG_9753 Franca portraits

IMG_9729 Franca Berr s

IMG_9741 Franca's jewellery s


IMG_9738 Iridescent Nike airmax s

Here jewelery designer Franca Berr mixing up a Black suit with Red dots, Pink pompons, Green monsters and holographic Nike Air Max. LOVE!

Have a look at Franca’s beautiful and inspired jewellery here.


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Pernille…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 28 November, 2014

IMG_9624 Pernille Teisbaek portraits

IMG_9616 Pernille Teisbaek s


Pernille Teisbaek

Over The Rainbow…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 26 November, 2014

IMG_9640 Camille Charriere portraits

IMG_9634 Camille Charriere 2s


Here freelance fashion journalist and blogger Camille Charrière. Have a look at her phantasic blog Camille Over The Rainbow here.

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Well Coated…Broadway Market, London

Posted in Accessories, Couple, Trenchcoat by Anne Bernecker on 24 November, 2014

IMG_5826 Jade and Damian s

IMG_5824 Jade 2s

IMG_5817 Glitter loafers s

Jade and Damian.


Shadowplay at David Walker…Kingsland Road, London

Posted in Art, Women by Anne Bernecker on 22 November, 2014

IMG_1275 Clare Croome

Here the fabulous Clare Croome at the David Walker ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ private view at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery at the Hoxton Gallery. Love how her smart Black outfit and great hood by Alanna Currie creates this strong cut out effect. Yes its all about challenging a Silhouette ;)

And thank you Jo Brooks, for the brilliant photo!

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Pattern Mix…Somerset House, London

Posted in Stripes, Women by Anne Bernecker on 21 November, 2014

IMG_9344 Cathy s



Best Friends…Wakefield Street, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 19 November, 2014

IMG_9703 Charlotte 2s

Here the fabulous Charlotte, in a Purple Markus Lupfer jumper, and her pomeranian Olive.

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60’s Doll…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Vintage, Women by Anne Bernecker on 17 November, 2014

IMG_9383 Ellie portraits

IMG_9368 Ellie s

IMG_9386 60s bag

IMG_9387 White 60s peep toe sandals

Ellie in a super cute, tip to toe, vintage 60’s look.



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