Markus Lupfer Presentation…Southwark Street, London

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Here some impressions from the gorgeous Markus Lupfer Aw17 presentation. A collection exploring bold contrasts, where the sportive meets the glamorous, the delicate the bold and the fitted the upscaled and oversized. There are plenty of new elements and ideas in the collection, turning the Markus Lupfer girl into a grown up women full of individuality and originality. This season Markus also teamed up with jewellery designer Franca Berr, who designed the stunning earrings.

Congratulations Hon xxx

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Nicola Roberts at Markus Lupfer…Eversholt Street, London

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Nicola Roberts at the Markus Lupfer presentation.

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Lacey Sports…Buxton Street, London

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Laura Maria Wulff.

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The Green Line…Olympia, London

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IMG_0139s Natalie Feltham

IMG_0124s Natalie Feltham

IMG_0127s Raf Simons sweatshirt

IMG_0129s Marbled sneakers

Model Natalie Feltham after the Marques Almeida show.


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Frayed Denim Layers…Olympia, London

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IMG_0105as Kelly Harrington

IMG_0103s Kelly Harrington

IMG_0108s Kelly Harrington sequined Vans

Here Fashion Designer and Trend Forecaster Kelly Harrington in a Marques Almeida parka, frayed jeans and sequined Vans.

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Magic Boots…Olympia, London

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IMG_0077s Laurenca

IMG_0090as Laurenca

IMG_0086s Laurenca

IMG_0094s Laurenca

Laurenca mixing a casual varsity look, Marques Almeida frayed jeans and boys shirt, with some sparkling glamour boots.


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Stripes Galore…One Marylebone, London

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IMG_9705s Madeleine Bugge Karlsen

IMG_9700as Madeleine Bugge Karlsen

IMG_9709s Madeleine Bugge Karlsen Grey Saint Laurent Bag

Madeleine Bugge Karlsen from Norway.


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Jacquard Beauties…Horse Guards Lane, London

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IMG_6235cs The Markus Lupfer girls © Anne Bernecker

IMG_6227ss The Markus Lupfer girls © Anne Bernecker

Sophie. Rosanna, Didar and Dannie at the Markus Lupfer presentation during London Fashion Week.


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Goofy…Broad Sanctuary, London

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IMG_7101s Leeann Duggan © Anne Bernecker

IMG_7085s Leeann Duggan © Anne Bernecker

IMG_7092as Leeann Duggan © Anne Bernecker

Leeann Duggan, Senior Editor at Yahoo Style, looking super cute in a vintage Goofy Sweatshirt, Black skirt and casual old school Nike’s.


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Bonjour Love…Little Sanctuary, London

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IMG_7065s Bonjour Love

Tonal Love.


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