The Pursuit Of Freedom…Clerkenwell Green, London

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 26 February, 2015

IMG_8732 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8682 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8773 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8696 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8686 Belstaff AW15 2ss

IMG_8708 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8735 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8776 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8743 Belstaff AW15s

IMG_8765 Belstaff AW15s

Here some impressions from the Belstaff AW15/16 presentation ‘The Pursuit Of Freedom’, designed by Delphine Ninous, the new Vice President of Womens Design. A stunning affair of elevating Belstaff key staple pieces such as biker jackets and masculine motor-cross gear into a new, more feminine and luxurious territory. A play of textures, layers of oversize and mini and contrasts of masculine versus feminine are key to this collection, which makes me excited to see more of Belstaff. Congratulations!

Silhouette…Somerset House, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 9 December, 2014


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Pink…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Lace, Women by Anne Bernecker on 6 December, 2014

IMG_9505 Kayla La Grange 2s

IMG_9512 Kayla La Grange s

IMG_9522 Red snakeskin clutch s

IMG_9525 red pumps

Here singer songwriter Kayla La Grange in a lace t-shirt, oversized, deep pleated wool trousers and a vintage belt. All fairly subtle, if it wouldn’t be for her pink hair, glowing coral red clutch and pumps.

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Pattern Mix…Somerset House, London

Posted in Stripes, Women by Anne Bernecker on 21 November, 2014

IMG_9344 Cathy s



60’s Doll…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Vintage, Women by Anne Bernecker on 17 November, 2014

IMG_9383 Ellie portraits

IMG_9368 Ellie s

IMG_9386 60s bag

IMG_9387 White 60s peep toe sandals

Ellie in a super cute, tip to toe, vintage 60’s look.


The 70’s Feel…Somerset House, London

Posted in Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 14 November, 2014

IMG_9315 Francis s



Modern Mermaid…Somerset House, London

Posted in Women by Anne Bernecker on 12 November, 2014

IMG_9261 Zoe portraits

IMG_9256 Zoe s

Here Zoe, a fashion blogger from London.


Proportion Play…Somerset House

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 10 November, 2014

IMG_9237 Victoria Copeland portraits

IMG_9232 Victoria Copeland s


Here gorgeous fashion blogger Victoria Copeland playing with layering and proportions in a subtle colour mix.

Have a look at her blog Afluenza here.


Khaki Layering…Somerset House, London

Posted in Trenchcoat, Women by Anne Bernecker on 8 November, 2014

IMG_9010 Fay portraits

IMG_9004 Fay s

IMG_9012 Gucci cross-body bag

Street style photographer Fay from the Netherlands.


Layering…Somerset House, London

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 6 November, 2014

IMG_9167 Alexis Barrell

IMG_9175 Alexis Barrell details

IMG_9183 ippolito back pack s

Here fashion designer Alexis Barrell wearing a pony-skin vest, lurex shot vest and trousers from her own collection and a leather bag pack by ippolito. Check out Alexis gorgeous collection and website here.


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