Vladimir Karaleev Show SS18…Brunnenstraße, Berlin

Posted in Event, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 12 July, 2017

Here some impressions from the super gorgeous Vladimir Karaleev SS18 show during Berlin Fashion Week. He really is a master in balancing clever deconstruction and pattern cutting with a fluid and very feminine sensibility.

Bravo Vladimir!!!


Lacey Legs…Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 13 July, 2016

IMG_2710bs Bianka

IMG_2729s Silver metallic Furla bag

IMG_2731s Bianka



Vladimir Karaleev SS17…Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin

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IMG_2748as Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2753as Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2751s Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2762s Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2772s Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2805as Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2801s Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2792s Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2822as Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2776s Vladimir Karaleev SS17

IMG_2825as Vladimir Karaleev SS17

Here some pictures from the Vladimir Karaleev presentation at the Berliner Mode Salon. I just love his sensitivity for fabrics and his ability to be feminine and minimalist at the same time. He really is the master of drapes – draping so pure, minimal and gentle yet edgy and constructed.

Thank you Vladimir for designing close to your heart!

Augustin Teboul SS17…Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin

Posted in Event, Women by Anne Bernecker on 2 July, 2016

IMG_2533as Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2548s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2549s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2554s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2559s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2568s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2570s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2573as Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2583s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2587as Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2591as Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2616s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2619s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2626s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2628s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2630s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2638s Augustin Teboul SS17 SS17

IMG_2646s Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2653bs Augustin Teboul SS17

IMG_2655s Walls & Birds at Augustin Teboul SS17

Here some photos from the gorgeous Augustin Teboul Spring/Summer 2017 show, shown part of the Berliner Mode Salon at the Kronprinzenpalais Unter den Linden. A glamorous, glittering, yet beautiful crafted collection, with filigree textures, lace, heavy Punk inspired studding and gorgeous embellishment. Pop-Punk-Couture meets delicate beauty – all supported by the live set of Walls & Birds.

Congratulations Annelie and Odély!!


Ava…Koppenplatz, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 1 August, 2015

IMG_2946 Ava portrait 2s

IMG_2942 Ava 2s

IMG_2959 Silver metallic clutch 2s

Ava Carstens, Fashion Director and Project Manager at Loved & Found.

I actually photographed Ava already last year, so have a look here.


Green Light…Große Hamburger Straße, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 30 July, 2015

IMG_2988 Kerstin Geffert s

IMG_2990 Kerstin's Saint Laurent bag 2s

IMG_2997 Burgundy Dr. Martens s

Here Kerstin Geffert in an Acne Studios jacket, William Fan pinstripe dress and a Saint Laurent Lulu bag and Doc Martens lace-ups.

That 70’s Vibe…Sophienstraße, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 25 July, 2015

IMG_3425 Celine Aagaard s

IMG_3434 Celine details s

Here fashion blogger and stylist Celine Aagaard in a Gina Tricot Safari top, Dr. Denim jeans, Céline sunglasses, a Gianni bag and Silver metallic Jimmy Choo pumps. Have a look at Celine’s new website Envelope here.


70’s Double Denim…Am Festungsgraben, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 22 July, 2015

IMG_3536 Nina s

IMG_3561 Nina details

IMG_3563 drawstring bucket bag s

Nina Faulhaber.

Japanese Touch…Am Festungsgraben, Berlin

Posted in Denim, Women by Anne Bernecker on 20 July, 2015

IMG_3510 Sabrina s

IMG_3524 Green clutch s

IMG_3526 Hasbeen sandals s

Sabrina Nürnberger

New Proportions, Blues and Tattoos…Am Festungsgraben, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Women by Anne Bernecker on 17 July, 2015

IMG_3577 Silke Bücker portraits

IMG_3573 Silke Bücker s

IMG_3590 Silke Bücker details s

Silke Bücker, editor-in-chief at TM Textilmitteilungen, in a Lemaire vest, Jil Sander shirt and trousers, Céline tote and Adidas x Raf Simons sneakers.

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