In The Navy…Regents Canal, London

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IMG_1394s Benjamin and Anna

IMG_1388ss Benjamin and Anna

Benjamin and Anna.


Have No Doubts…Alte Jakobstraße, Berlin

Posted in Art, Men by Anne Bernecker on 23 April, 2016

IMG_1063bs Erwin Wurm One Minute Sculpture

IMG_1065s Erwin Wurm 'Keine Zweifel'

‘Have no Doubts’ One Minute Sculpture performed by one of the guests at the Erwin Wurm ‘Bei Mutti’ Opening at Berlinische Galerie.



On Top Of The World…Mitte, Berlin

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IMG_0913as Lili

image2 2

IMG_0875s Dennis and Lili

Lili and Dennis

The Sailor and the Waterfall…Kho Phangan, Thailand

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IMG_0840as Achilles

IMG_0825bs Achilles

IMG_0839bs Achilles detail and tattoos

Achilles aka K-Moss.


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Its a Wild Jungle out there…The Sanctuary, Kho Phangan

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IMG_0473s Daniel portrait

IMG_0466as Daniel

IMG_0477s Daniel details

IMG_0489s Daniel details

Daniel Wild aka Heidi, a tiger, a bear and the little mole (der kleine Maulwurf)


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At the Garage…Eppendorf, Hamburg

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IMG_9253s Sascha

IMG_9261s Sascha's garage

IMG_9262s Sascha's garage

IMG_9271s Sascha's garage

Sascha in a classic blueman, working on one of his vintage scooters in his garage.

Milo At Work…Kingsland Road, London

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IMG_9171cs Milo

Here lovely Milo who manages Curio Cabal…always with a smile…


Double Trouble…Old Nichol Street, London

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IMG_9155as Ben and Sam Allen

IMG_9154ss Ben and Sam Allen

Gorgeous twins Ben and Sam Allen.


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Navy Black Layering…Mulackstrasse, Berlin

Posted in Accessories, Men, Women by Anne Bernecker on 8 January, 2016

IMG_8869s Bosccono and Gui

IMG_8862as Bosccono and Gui

IMG_8871s Bosccono and Gui

Bosccono and Gui.

Happy New Year…London, Berlin, Hamburg, Bangkok, Kho Phangan

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Wow I can’t believe the year is almost over already. Before we start 2016, here a little summary of some fabulous people I had the pleasure meeting and photographing across the world this year. Thank you all for being happy to have your picture taken, following my blog and all your support. Heres to another year of fun and exciting encounters!

I wish you a fabulous New Year full of following your dreams, good health, love and happiness.

Anne X




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