The Lifeguard…Badeschiff, Berlin

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 27 July, 2015

IMG_3074 Olli 2s

Olli at work at Badeschiff in Berlin.


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After Tiger Of Sweden…New Oxford Street, London

Posted in Accessories, Men by Anne Bernecker on 22 June, 2015

IMG_2285 Patrick s

IMG_2299 Patrick details

IMG_2302 Patrick white sneakers s

Patrick in a Tiger of Sweden jacket and shirt, jeans and a vintage leather satchel.


Tiger Of Sweden SS15…New Oxford Street, London

Posted in Event, Men by Anne Bernecker on 17 June, 2015

Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2328s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2338s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2339s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2402s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2410s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2422s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2429s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2437s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2442s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2450s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2466s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2470s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2478s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2486s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2492s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2495s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2510s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2524s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2529s Tiger Of Sweden SS16 IMG_2542s Best known for their razor sharp tailoring and super slim proportions, for their Spring Summer 2016 collection the Tiger Of Sweden design team have embraced a more Mediterranean attitude. Slouchy trousers and double breasted jackets, bold striped suits and and the more casual jeans and T-shirts underpin this seasons understated, off-duty aesthetics.

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Cool Dude…Columbia Road, London

Posted in Accessories, Men by Anne Bernecker on 12 June, 2015

IMG_2180 Danai portrait 3s

IMG_2176 Danai s

IMG_2189 rubberised backpack s

IMG_2184 Nike sneakers s

Here Danai mixing it freestyle with Yellow beanie and Urbanears headphones, an African Dashiki T-shirt, jeans and Turqoise Nike Air Rift sneakers. Summer is here!

Blue on Blue and a Dandelion Field…Nentershausen, Germany

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 28 May, 2015

IMG_1934 Karsten s Karsten

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Flower Shopping…Ravenscroft Street, London

Posted in Denim, Men, Vintage by Anne Bernecker on 20 May, 2015

IMG_1284 Masa portraits

IMG_1278 Masa s

IMG_1290 Masa vintage leather boots s

Masa in vintage workwear pants and matching Blue shirt.

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At Work…Eppendorfer Landstrasse, Hamburg

Posted in At Work, Men by Anne Bernecker on 23 April, 2015

IMG_0671 Joe s

IMG_0683 Grand Hotel Of Sweden s

IMG_0641 Grand Hotel Of Sweden s

IMG_0658 Grand Hotel Of Sweden 2s

Joe who works at The Grand Hotel Of Sweden in Hamburg Eppendorf.

At Work…Marktstrasse, Hamburg

Posted in At Work, Denim, Men by Anne Bernecker on 20 April, 2015

IMG_0615 Sascha s

IMG_0630 Sascha details

IMG_0631 Sascha details

Here Sascha, who works at Bluesleeve, a very cool shop on Marktsrasse in Hamburg, selling selected japanese design and craftsmanship. Have a look at it here.


Umbrella Man at Wat Pho…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Accessories, Men by Anne Bernecker on 16 April, 2015

IMG_9932 s

IMG_9940 s

Prem selling handpainted umbrellas infront of the Wat Pho temple.


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Spiritual Drape…Wat Pho, Bangkok

Posted in Men by Anne Bernecker on 7 April, 2015

IMG_9913 Monk at Wat Pho s

IMG_9910 Monch at Wat Pho s

IMG_9912 Monk robe detail s

A monk in its beautifly draped orange robe at the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.


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