Tokyo Impressions Day 1…Tokyo, Japan

Posted in Architecture, Feature, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 8 December, 2019

Here some impressions from my first day in Tokyo, wondering from Shirokane to Ebisu and then then onto Shibuya. Thank you for the great walking tours Ken.


Impressions…Blagovechensk, Russia

Posted in Architecture, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 28 September, 2019

End of September I headed into deepest Russia together with my sister, brother, cousins and family friend and historian Lothar Deeg, to follow the footsteps of our great-grandfather Adolf Dattan and his life in Siberia. He was working at the Kunst & Albers department store in Vladivostok before the First World War, managed to grow the company tremendously and built various dependences around the Amur region.

Here some impressions from our first stop in Blagovechensk, where now the Amur Oblast Museum is housed in the former department store.


At Hamburger Bahnhof…Invalidenstraße, Berlin

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Just some impressions from my visit to Hamburger Bahnhof, a museum for modern art in Berlin. Works here are by Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Joseph Beuys, Rudolph Stingel and Dan Flavin.

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Tate Modern Switch House Opening…Bankside, London

Posted in Architecture, Art by Anne Bernecker on 16 June, 2016

IMG_2168 Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2265s Tate Modern Switch House view

IMG_2264s Tate Modern Switch House view

IMG_2216as Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2231s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2237as Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2250s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2253s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2260s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2272s Tate Modern Switch House

IMG_2279s Tate Modern Switch House

Ok, I had to cue up for a while to go and see the newly finished Switch House at the Tate Members viewing, but it was well worth the wait. An exceptional building built by Herzog & de Meuron, the buildings literal highlight is the 360 degree viewing platform on the 10th floor. And being a lover of brutalist architecture, the concrete curves and play of light, lines and proportions are a dream. I didn’t have enough time to check out all the new art on display, but for sure will be back soon.

What an amazing addition to London….and all for free.

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Impressions at Wat Pho Temple, part 2…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Architecture, Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 14 April, 2015

IMG_9850 Wat Pho temple Bangkok s

IMG_9851 Wat Pho Bangkok s

IMG_9874 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9925 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9927 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9928 Wat Pho temple

Here just a couple of impressions from the outside of all the temples and its intricate mosaic work.

Impressions at Wat Pho Temple, part 1…Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Architecture, Art, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 12 April, 2015

IMG_9807 Wat Pho reclining Buddha Bangkok s

IMG_9825 Wat Pho reclining buddha Bangkok s

IMG_9839 Wat Pho mother of pearl inlay

IMG_9810 Wat Pho Bangkok

IMG_9859 Wat Pho temple Bangkok 2s

IMG_9869 Wat Pho temple s

IMG_9884 Wat Pho Bangkok

IMG_9889 Wat Pho Bangkok s

IMG_9899 Wat Pho Bangkok s

This is the first part of impressions at the absulutely stunning Wat Pho temple, focusing on the interior. I got to say, when I entered the temple of the reclining buddha I was moved to tears, by the sheer amount of beauty, craftsmenship and ettention to detail. A truly spectatcular place of worship.

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Impressions…Tokyo, Japan

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How can you do Tokyo justice, just with a couple of photos? Here a tiny peek into my new love affair….


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Triennial Impressions Part 2…Folkestone

Posted in Architecture, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 18 October, 2014

IMG_8382 Folkestone Triennial

IMG_8385 Folkestone Triennial

IMG_8387 Folkestone Triennial

IMG_8394 Folkestone Harbour s

IMG_8482 Folkestone architecture

IMG_8492 Folkestone beach s

Und Treu Den Menschen Die Du Liebst…Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt

Posted in Architecture, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 22 April, 2014

Hochzeitsturm Darmstadt

Russische Kapelle Darmstadt

IMG_3040 2s

Russische Kapelle Darmstadt

Mosaic Darmstadt Mathildenhöhe



Here some impressions of Darmstadt’s Art Nouveau Mathildenhöhe, which was built between 1899 and 1914 as an artists’ colony. The ‘Hochzeitsturm’ (wedding tower) is part of the exhibition buildings, which were built in 1908. Zar Nikolaus II instructed the construction of the Russian Chapel, as he wanted to have a church when he and his family where visiting Darmstadt – the birthplace of his wife.



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Concrete Romance…Berlin

Posted in Architecture, Impressions by Anne Bernecker on 24 March, 2014

IMG_2253 2


IMG_2258 2





IMG_2293 2s

The beauty of Berlin is more of the hiding kind, yet once you find your weak point it hits you strongly. The concrete jungle, the Bauhaus and post war 50’s architecture, the contrasts of it all and the never ending building sites make my heart skip a beat. I see so much romance in this city!

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