At Work at J.Glinert…Wilton Way, London

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IMG_2791 Tom Budding portraits 3

IMG_2776 Tom Budding 2s

IMG_2801 J.Glinert

IMG_2803 J.Glinert

IMG_2809 J.Glinert

IMG_2808 J.Glinert

IMG_2811 J.Glinert

IMG_2815 J.Glinert

Here Tom Budding, owner, proprietor and merchant of J.Glinert on Wilton Way. A lovely shop supplying everyday objects for the home, stationary, books about Hackney’s History, Art books and magazines. Check out J.Glinerts website and wares here.


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The Space at Slips…G√§rtnerplatz, Munich

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IMG_0447  Julia van Hagen and Tallulah Rufus Isaacs portraits

IMG_0439 Julia van Hagen and Tallulah Rufus Isaacss

IMG_0428 The Space Pop Up at Slips

Here Julia Tinkerbell van Hagen and Tallulah Rufus Isaacs who run together The Space Boutique in the 6th Arrondissement in Paris. THE SPACE is an eclectic, often exotic mix of clothes and also art and Julia and Tallulah just set home at Slips in Munich for their travelling Pop Up Shop.

Julia is wearing Bex Rox Jewellery from London, Equipment jumper and shirt and Zara pants. Tallulah also in Bex Rox jewellery, a Baron Leather Jacket, Margaux Lonnberg T-shirt, Delphine Delafon bag and Aperlai shoes. I think next stop over for the girls is St. Tropez…or catch them in Paris on Rue Bonaparte.

The Rainbow…Am G√§rtnerplatz, Munich

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IMG_0409 Klaudia and Julia portrait

IMG_0402 Klaudia and Julia

IMG_0412 Klaudias Little Shilpa perspex chain

IMG_0417 Julia's Bex Box jewellery

IMG_0435 At Slips

Here on the left Klaudia Burger, the creator and owner of Slips Boutique in Munich, with Julia van Hagen of The Space Boutique in Paris. Klaudia is wearing a Black Veronique Leroy shirt, Golden Goose shoes and Current Elliott Jeans, which you can all find at SLIPS. And yes not to forget the stunning Little Shilpa perspex necklace!

Julia van Hagen is one half of the Space girls, who are running the Space boutique in Paris, but just had a successful Pop Up shop at Slips in Munich. Julia is wearing Bex Rox jewellery, Zara pants, Equipment jumper and shirt.

The School of Life…Bloomsbury, London

Posted in Art, Shop by Anne Bernecker on 18 October, 2009


This meeting room at the School of Life was painted by Fashion illustrator Charlotte Mann. An effective trompe l’oeul effect bringing life into a lower ground floor room.

The School of Life is a new social enterprise offering good ideas for everyday living. Events and talks like “how to have better conversations”, “how to be a good friend” or “how to spent time alone” and courses about Love, Politics, Work and Play led by leading authors, artists, actors or academics make you reflect and meet new inspiring people. I was interested in the “how to be cool” talk, but it was booked out until the end of the year!

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